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Media Team

The Media team is responsible for running Hallmark’s live streaming experience and behind-the-scenes work. We have the roles of Camera, Switcher, ProPresenter, Online Host and we are adding the new role of Photography.

Our goal as the Media team is to create a visual brand that people can recognize and enjoy that delivers a high-quality product.

By joining our team we hope to encourage others to use technology to share the Gospel and to get members connected by serving in technology no matter their age. All of our positions will have training so that you feel comfortable and confident in your area of service.

Volunteer roles

  • Camera - This volunteer is responsible for creating a visual frame for people to view. In this position, we focus on following our subject and creating smooth zoom transitions.
  • Online Host - This volunteer is responsible for connecting with our online community. We have about 50 viewers every week through various streaming platforms that watch. So we have them connect with people through comment sections. This volunteer will like comments, talk to people watching and connect people to what is going on in our church.
  • Switcher - This volunteer is responsible for creating the visual presentation for our live stream viewers. Showing lyrics, announcements, sermon points, and the visual of what comes from the camera. They are also responsible for running the lights of the service.
  • ProPresenter - This volunteer is responsible for running the screens that people see in the service and on the live stream. They run through the worship lyrics, show videos, announcement slides, and sermon slides that the speaker goes through.
  • Photography - This volunteer will be responsible for taking 5 photos of our people every Sunday that they serve. We want to build a library of our people’s beautiful faces and smiles so that we can use them on social media, our website, etc.

Opportunity Details:

Days of the Week: Sun
Role: Behind the Scenes
Frequency: Once a Week, Once a Month