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Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team helps create a welcoming environment for guests and members alike by providing quality refreshments while interacting with everyone that approaches the coffee bar.
There are also opportunities to minister to families during their times of loss, and opportunities to meet cooking/baking needs in the church throughout the year.

Team Roles

Coffee Team

  • Prepare and serve refreshments during the Sunday service at Hallmark.
  • One Sunday a month rotation.

Bereavement Team

  • Help set up and facilitate funeral meals at the church.
  • As-needed throughout the year.

Cooking & Baking Team

  • Help with any cooking and baking needs in the church.
  • As-needed throughout the year.

Opportunity Details:

Days of the Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Role: Upfront, Behind the Scenes
Frequency: Once a Month, Varies