Eyes and Ears Team

The Eyes and Ears team serves Hallmark by watching over the church to protect the congregation, the pastor, and the facility itself. This team ensures that the church is an open environment where people can grow spiritually and build their relationship with God.  

These individuals are vigilant observers who patrol the church facilities during the worship service times ensuring that the congregation can worship in peace. This ministry is responsible for watching over the campus, securing the campus, and notifying authorities in the unlikely event of an emergency. 

Volunteers will:

  • Serve one Sunday a month
  • Patrol the campus during service times.
  • Lock doors after services begin.
  • Communicate with team members and/or leaders if something seems suspicious.
  • Notify authorities in the unlikely event of an emergency.

*Volunteers with experience in emergency medicine, law enforcement, fire prevention, and facility management are greatly appreciated.

Opportunity Details:

Days of the Week: Sun
Role: Behind the Scenes
Frequency: Once a Month, Varies