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Worship Team

Our ministry is leading worship. When people come to a worship service, we want our team to be a tool used by God in creating an atmosphere for people to find and follow Jesus through the music or worship elements we incorporate.

The most visible aspect of our team are the instrumentalists and vocalists used to lead music. We need people who do have talent and giftings to sing or play music as a form of worship. However, the worship team also involves people running our sound, computer, and lights. These are important jobs as well considering they make everything we do possible.

Arguably the most important part of the requirements for the worship team is the spiritual aspect. We are not looking for perfect people but we want people who are consistently trying to live their lives in a way that honors and glorifies Him. We want to have people that are good leaders, who remain teachable, have a passion to use their gifts for the Lord, and those that shine the light of Jesus even when they are not on the team that week. This means we want to see you here on Sundays regularly, going to connect groups and being involved in our church more than just the times you are asked to serve.

Some ongoing Expectations and Commitments for the worship team:

  • Completed the Discover Hallmark class and officially become a member
  • Can sing or play an instrument
  • Committed to a minimum of serving once a month which also includes being at the Thursday night rehearsal (*rehearsals also include those running sound)
  • For band or vocals: practicing through the week and being prepared for rehearsals
  • When scheduled for worship team: being there early for Sunday morning service

We are open to all volunteers and would love to hear how you would like to serve. Please reach out to Steffan Campos at [email protected] our worship leader, to learn more and receive a worship team application. 

Please connect with us to schedule an audition.

Opportunity Details:

Days of the Week: Sun
Role: Upfront
Frequency: Once a Week, Once a Month, Varies