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March 2023 Newsletter

It's been a fun year so far, but this month, we've got big plans for helping your kid grow closer to God like they never knew they could before.

Sunday, March 12th!!!!


We want to make Daylight Saving Time easier for your family to make it to church on time! All kids are invited to wear their PJ's and we will have pop tarts for breakfast!



Springapalooza is coming soon. Start praying now about who you will invite!  Click Here for more info. and to register your family.

Upcoming Events

March 12th: PJ's and Pop-Tarts (Spring Forward)

March 23rd: Next Man Up

April 1st: Springapalooza  

April 7th: Good Friday Service

April 9th: Easter Sunday

April 30th: Family Worship/Baptism

July 16th- July 20th:  VBS 2023

What We're Learning on Wednesdays




Clank! Beep! Clunk! Kids love robots, especially ones that can transform into something new or have really cool abilities. In this four-week series from Jesus’ ministry on earth, you’ll introduce kids to a different story each week that shows us how God’s truths never change, but Jesus changes everything — including us! We’ll see that we change when we know who God is, our past doesn’t change God’s love for us, and that Jesus changes how we see things because Jesus can change anything!

What We're Learning on Sundays

Gospel Project

March 5th:    Jesus Was Born

March 12th:  Jesus Was Dedicated

March 19th:  Jesus Was Baptized

March 26th:  Jesus Was Tempted

Memory Verse


Tip of the Month

Kids are incredible! They are learning, experiencing, trying, and achieving more every day than most of us can imagine doing in a month. But in all of that hustle, they can get stuck in a high speed rhythm that doesn't allow a moment to acknowledge their own greatness. So let's be the ones to prioritize celebrating them!

Question of the Month

We're always trying to better understand what it's like to raise kids. So here's what we're wondering: What's the HARDEST thing about raising kids, right now? Hit Reply and let us know!

Hallmark Kids Schedule

Sunday Mornings:

Birth - 4 yr olds meet at 9:30 am and 10:45 am

Kindergarten - 5th Grade: 

     9:30 am - Children's Worship

     10:45 am - Connect Groups

Wednesday Nights: 

Birth - 5th grade meet at 6:30 pm