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Hey Moms, Step-Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, and Mom-Figures.  Happy Mother's Day!  Thank you for the way you love, influence, and mother the kids in your life!  We Love You!

Family Worship - April 30th


This Sunday, April 30th, is Family Worship!  All Kindergarten-5th Graders will go to the Worship Service.  We will have Connect Groups for all ages at 10:45!

TwistS & Turns - VBS 2023


Registration is NOW OPEN!  Click Here to Register!

Spin the spinner, beat the clock, skip ahead, level up, and play to win! You’ll need to bring your A-game for this VBS. Twists & Turns is a fantastical celebration of games of all kinds. From classic tabletop games to video games and more, kids will play their way through VBS while learning that Jesus guides them through all the twists and turns of their lives. They’ll find that even when they mess up it’s never “game over.”

Promotion Sunday - June 4th


Sunday morning, June 4th, your child will go to their new class! We can't wait to celebrate your child moving up! 

What We're Learning on Wednesdays




Every kid wishes they had superpowers, but with Jesus, we don’t need x-ray vision or invisibility to be heroes! In this four-week series, kids will hear stories about the heroes of the Early Church — the apostles and disciples who used their unique abilities to spread the good news of Jesus. Through their stories, we’ll see that anyone can do great things for God because God gives everyone a mission, the Holy Spirit gives us power, and we’re heroic when we work as a team!

What We're Learning on Sundays

Gospel Project

May 7th:  People Rejected Jesus

May 14th:  People Were Amazed by Jesus

May 21st:  Peter Worshipped Jesus

May 28th:  We Are Saved by Faith in Jesus

Memory Verse


Parent Tip of the Month

You might have already made a list of places to see or experiences to have with your family — but what might it look like to make a similar list of acts of kindness you'd like to try? This can be a fun and creative way to talk about loving your community with your family. 

Question of the Month

We know you're learning a lot about raising kids, so we'd love to learn alongside you. What's one thing you've learned this year that every family should know? Hit Reply and share your wisdom!