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Happy New Year!  We can't wait to get started on a new year of ministry with you and your kids!  As we begin 2022, make sure you remember our new schedule:


Hallmark Kids Schedule

Sunday Mornings:

Birth - 4 yr olds meet at 9:30 am and 10:45 am

Kindergarten - 5th Grade: 

    9:30 am - Children's Worship

    10:45 am - Connect Groups

Wednesday Nights: (Start back on Jan. 12th)

Birth - 5th grade meet at 6:30 pm

Family Resource Center

As a Family Ministry, our Student Pastor, Carlos and myself want to come alongside you as you lead your families to Find and Follow Jesus. We have created a Family Resource Center (located in our Family Center) full of resources that are available to you for FREE!  We have Bibles, Family Devotions, Parenting Books, Phase Books, and much more. IMG_1717_2.jpgIMG_1718.jpg

What We're Learning on Wednesdays




If only we could really get to know the people behind our favorite YouTube channels! The ability to “subscribe now” gives people the impression that connection is that easy. But connection takes a bit more effort, it takes following and learning from those we want to know. Kids look for places of belonging, places where forgiveness exists, places where they can experience a genuine connection. The Gospels teach us that places like these exist. In these stories kids learn that we can know God through Jesus, we can know forgiveness because of Jesus, that Jesus knows us and wants us to follow him. The message of Jesus is powerful and something we can subscribe to!

What We're Learning on Sundays

Gospel Project

Jan. 9th:  God Gave the Ten Commandments

Jan. 16th:  The People Worshiped a Golden Calf

Jan. 23rd:  The People Built the Tabernacle

Jan. 30th:  God Deserves our Worship 

Memory Verse


Parent Tip of the Month

We probably tell our kids that they can change the world, but do we mean “someday” or “today”? And are we actually giving them the tools they need to become the leaders we say they can become? Here are a few things we can do to help every kid learn to lead right now: 1. Let them lead (and serve) now. 2. Give them responsibility. 3. Help them develop leadership skills. 4. Celebrate their efforts.

Resource of the Month

Apart from kids getting fairly addicted, there are very real dangers of online gaming that parents should know. THIS ARTICLE is great to raise our awareness of our kids’ online environment – share them with other parents who need to know!