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Happy New Year! We can’t wait to get started on a new year of ministry with you and your teenager. 

2021 early schedule

    • We'll meet in person during our 2nd service from 10:30am to 11:30am for hangout, games, music, and a lesson.
    • We'll meet in person Sunday nights from 5-7 pm for hangout and small groups.
    • We will not meet on Sunday, January 3rd and Sunday, February 7th



    covid-19 policies

    • Temperature checks and sanitize before entering
    • Masks required when inside
    • Social distancing will be practiced
    • If a COVID-19 case is reported, we will notify all students, parents, and volunteers that would have been exposed.
    • If a student or volunteer tests positive, we will require 14-days symptom-free or a negative test result before a student or volunteer can return.

    what we're teaching




    Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, TV, or movies, we are constantly surrounded by “influencers.” But in reality, we are all influencers because we all influence others in some way, whether we mean to or not. We’re all already influencers, but the question is, “What kind of influencers will we be?” In this 4-week series, we’ll learn from a few key influencers in the Bible about what real influencers are like. They’re humble (not arrogant), chase good (not evil), live small (and dream big), and tell God’s story (not just their own).

    tip of the month

    Do you ever have one of those days when you wonder, “Is this really working? Am I making a difference in my kid’s life? Is anything I’m saying sinking in?” Of course you do. And the answer is yes. Even on the difficult days, you are influencing your kid in profound ways. Don’t forget it! Parent Tips.jpg

    Be An Influencer

    resource of the month


    Ever noticed how impulsive, risky, and (let’s face it) kind of dumb teenagers can be sometimes? Yeah, so have we. That’s why we love the book (or audiobook) Born to Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks and How We Can Keep Them Safe. This book is incredible. Grab a copy.

    question of the month

    As we start the new year, what are some family goals you have for your family? Was are some goals you have for your teenager? How could we be praying for you and your teenager this year? Just hit Reply on this email.